About Us

About Us

At Rajshree Innoventz

We are the architects of dreams, empowering businesses and individuals to embark on transformative journeys. As the parent company of Ekam and Swaraa, our passion for innovation and creativity drives the success of our social and corporate event management ventures. Moreover, our expertise extends to Meraqi, a versatile business and creative consulting firm that propels organizations towards sustainable growth.

Our Entities


- Embracing Heartfelt Celebrations

Ekam, our social event management company, is dedicated to crafting exquisite celebrations that touch the heart. From dreamy weddings to joyous birthday parties, we curate every event with a blend of creativity and personalization, ensuring unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.

Services Offered by Ekam

• Enchanting Wedding Soirees: Discover weddings that are a reflection of your love story, characterized by immersive themes, breathtaking decor, and seamless execution.

• Joyous Birthday Extravaganzas: From whimsical children's parties to sophisticated adult celebrations, we infuse every birthday with laughter, delight, and cherished moments.


- Elevating Corporate Excellence

Swaraa, our corporate event management company, is devoted to empowering businesses with exceptional events that foster growth, engagement, and success. From captivating product launches to dynamic team-building experiences, we breathe life into corporate visions.

Services Offered by Swaraa:

• Dynamic Product Launches: Introduce your innovations with flair, leveraging Swaraa's expertise to create impactful and engaging product launch events.

• Engaging Team-Building Endeavors: Strengthen teams, cultivate collaboration, and boost productivity with our innovative and immersive team-building experiences.


- Unleashing Business Brilliance

Meraqi, our business and creative consultancy firm, is your strategic partner in propelling your business forward. We blend innovative thinking with data-driven insights, fostering sustainable growth and unlocking your true potential.

Services Offered by Swaraa:

• Strategic Business Planning: Let us craft blueprints that lead your business towards exponential growth and unparalleled success.

• Creative Branding and Marketing: Elevate your brand with captivating storytelling, creative branding, and innovative marketing strategies.

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